Intersex Issue

These items are all part of the intersex issue I'm dealing with. Leaving them here until I can organize them better.

Finding Humanitarian Protection

I'm currently in the process of gathering media attention for my situation in addition to working with my lawyer to prosecute those responsible for my abysmal treatment the past seven years. This all so that I can hopefully soon find that tolerant country where I can escape the discrimination and persecution I am suffering in the Netherlands. Any help with this is more than welcome.

The reasons why I wish to move can be found in this blog post: Why I Am Leaving The Netherlands Forever.

Another article explaining the impossibility of being intersex in the Netherlands: Humiliated Into Submission

My hopes and expectations regarding Australia can be found in this blog post: What I Expect From Australia, Or Please Cut Me Some Slack

The letter I sent to the Dutch Queen Beatrix on May 8th, 2011: Download PDF file and the response: Response From Dutch Queen Beatrix.

Response from the Dutch Minister of Health to the above letter to the Queen: Original scans and English translation

The letter I sent to the Queen in return: PDF file with English translation

The final letter I got back from the Queen: Click here for the blog post


If you want to financially support my struggle for intersex human rights, please feel free to donate. See the Donations page for details on how to donate. Please let me know whether you want your name to be listed with the donation, otherwise I'll put you down as an 'anonymous contributor'. Thank you.

Current Goals