World intersex society for humanity (WISH)

"I wish I could stop hating my body. I wish being intersex didn't play such a big role in my life. I wish being intersex was a minor detail. I wish gender and sex were minor details. I wish I would be treated like a human being. I wish I wouldn't get unwanted surgery forced upon me. I wish I could get back the innocence of before my environment discovered I was intersex."

Welcome to WISH

Intersex is a collection of medical conditions which primarily affect the development of the genitals, hence the name 'intersex', as in not being strictly of the male or female sex, but possessing a mixture of these. In many cases it also involves the rest of the body, such as in the case of AIS. Intersex conditions occur in over 1 in every 500 births. See the Wikipedia article in the Links section on the right for detailed information on the wide variety of intersex conditions.

There are a number of issues surrounding intersex, none of which are primarily medical in nature, as most intersex conditions are fairly to completely benign in nature and with the proper medical care should not affect the lifespan of an intersex person in any significant way. The issues in question are primarily political in nature, specifically:

Goals of WISH

WISH is primarily about self-help. As the maintainer of this project I am not influental enough to help people directly, but those who join WISH can help each other and oneself through:

As WISH is still in an early stage much of this hasn't been accomplished or even set up yet. I will be working the coming time on setting up said databases and I'll be taking suggestions on how to best verify any claims. I'd be very grateful for any help in populating said databases.


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Suggestions for new designs are always welcome!


You can contact me (Maya Posch) via my personal site. See the link in the menu on the right. You can also contact me via Facebook and Hyves.