Analysis of reports in the case Maya Posch

This analysis is also available in PDF format in English and Dutch.

Analysis of reports in the case Maya Posch



During the past 4.5 years Maya Posch has attempted to gain a clear understanding of how her body works, since she and others in her environment suspected intersexuality. She is officially registered as being a man, but her body shows many feminine characteristics with a complete absence of typically masculine characteristics. She has incomplete male reproductive organs and the presence of female reproductive organs is suspected.

Through a lack of cooperation from doctors and other specialists, even among themselves, Maya has collected a number of medical reports, on MRI scans and more, which all seem to conflict with each other, completely make up organs and possibly ignore the presence of organs. This document will record all remarkable things in a time line.

Report Analysis

2008/01/14 - MRI report

On 2007/12/21 an MRI scan was made at the MRI, a private clinic in Germany. After the scan the images have been already been analyzed in the presence of Maya, this is the final report produced by the main physician.

The report identifies the presence of a closed-off vagina, which runs up till the upper edge of the bladder. It reports the absence, or non-visibility, of a prostate, womb and ovaries. The absence of a prostate is normal since Maya at that point had been using female hormones for almost a year already, which would have shrunk the prostate and made it virtually transparant on scans. This is a well-known medical fact. On an ultrasound made in around 2005, before the beginning of the hormone therapy, the prostate was visible.

2008/02/21 - MRI report VUMC

After the results from the German investigation Maya went to the VUMC in Amsterdam where she had been before at the Gender Team, but when they didn't perform any tests and kept insisting on her being transsexual by the psychologists she had left in frustration. To her amazement it turned out that at the VUMC they saw completely different things on the MRI images than in Germany.

This first report from the VUMC, produced by Dr. J.H.T.M. van Waesberghe, reports that a prostate of a regular size is visible and that there are no clues to the presence of a vagina or other female reproductive organs.

After this Maya has had a second opinion of the MRI images performed in Germany at a second private clinic. This clinic came to the exact same conclusion as the first.

2008/04/28 - MRI report Erasmus MC

Via the mother of a friend Maya ended up at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, where the MRI images were analysed as well, this time by a Drs. M.J.G. Thomeer, radiologist.

The report notes regular male genitals, with normally developed testicles. This while on the MRI images only one testicle is visible due to the incomplete descending of the testicles. This fact isn't reported.

It also reports the presence of a regularly sized prostate. It saw no arguments for the presence of a closed-off vagina.

The genotype of Maya is reported as being XY, what the result is of a chromosome test on the blood of Maya at the Prisma hospital in Enschede, late 2007.

On 2008/09/11 a second MRI scan was made at the Erasmus MC, but the requesting doctor denied having requested it, and it had to be an 'accident'. Supposedly nothing new was visible on these images compared to the first MRI scan.

2008/09/02 - Second MRI report VUMC

As a result of a complaint procedure Maya had started in early 2008 at the VUMC a second MRI analysis was performed, this one too by Dr. J.H.T.M. van Waesberghe, radiologist.

The report notes the clinical diagnostic as being gmale/female transsexualh. It claims to see no arguments for the presence of female reproductive organs. The last sentence is (translated) gThe suspected vagina in my opinion appears to be due to a prostate.h. This last is very remarkable, as the prostate is located underneath the bladder, at a completely different location than a vagina and also very outside the indicated area. The vagina was also indicated as extending up till the upper edge of the bladder. Also, a prostate would absolutely not be visible on the images. Very strange.

The complaint from Maya was eventually rejected as a result of this MRI report.

2008/12/22 - Report physical examination and talk AMC

After a talk with Ms Salvatore of the AMC in Amsterdam as well as a physical examination by her and a further not identified urologist, the former has produced this report.

The report describes the following (translated): gvoice an alto, breasts A cup [..] . Testicles both sides 3 x 1.5 cm in the scrotum. [..] With rectal examination a prostate which is barely palpable.h. The most important part of this is that a prostate is present, but that it is very small, exactly as is to be expected after hormone therapy.

The strange part of this report is the conclusion, namely that Maya would suffer from autoparagynaecophilia, which according to Ms Salvatore is a very rare term within sexuology. Attempts to verify this have failed, as this term doesn't appear in any medical reference, even on Internet. According to Salvatore it would mean that Maya sees her body as being female, even if it isn't. She was convinced that it isn't transsexuality. She however ignores with this conclusion that seeing the body as being female is something done first by Maya's environment, and only later by herself, which completely undermines this conclusion.


While studying those reports it quickly becomes clear that the German report is technically correct. There is no prostate visible despite being present due to changes in the size and tissue of it due to hormone therapy (reduced testosterone level). The presence of a closed-off vagina appears to be supported by the MRI images. See the report 'Irregularities in the case Maya Posch' for more information and supporting images on this.

The reports from the Dutch hospitals contain serious irregularities, such as the reporting of two testicles when only one is visible, and no note is made of one testicle having withdrawn. The suggestion that the prostate can be somehow related to seeing a vagina is simply ludicrous, since those are completely different areas, and the prostate also wasn't visible on the MRI images. Further the conclusion of autoparagynaecophilia is very curious, as it ignores many things, most of all the physical side.

There has been no communication between the German and Dutch radiologists or doctors. Requests for a mosaic test (to indicate the presence of both XX and XY chromosomes) have been rejected repeatedly as being unnecessary. According to Maya and her mother who were both present at the appointment, a doctor De Ronde, endocrinologist, claimed even that the single chromosome test would already indicate whether this was a case of mosaicism or not, which is false.

There are no indications for any reason why the Dutch hospitals would willingly cover up information and falsified.