WildFox is both its own project in addition to reimagining what Mozilla's Firefox web browser stood for, years ago: a light-weight, versatile and efficient web browser. It's also cross-platform and compatible with Chrome & Firefox plug-ins and addons.

WildFox on Windows 7

Image: WildFox running on Windows 7. Build 2013-05-19.

WildFox is built upon a WebKit/Qt/C++ foundation and currently supports the following features:

Note that WildFox is very much a work in progress at this point. Major features still to be added include:

Features new in build 2013-05-19 are:

Fixed in 2013-05-19:

You can download the current Alpha build here. Either get the full version or the update (exe-only) if you already have the Qt 5.1 DLLs.

Windows 32-bit, 21.4 MB ZIP archive, UPX-packed.
Windows 32-bit, 142 kB archive. EXE-only.

Source code is found at GitHub: https://github.com/MayaPosch/WildFox

Compile using qmake & make against the Qt 5.0+ libraries. There are no platform-specific requirements beyond those of the Qt libraries. Please leave feedback if you try it on a new platform.

For those on IRC, there's a support channel at irc.rizon.net, #WildFox.


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