This is the personal website of the individual called 'Maya Posch', also known as 'me', and 'I'.

A software engineer by trade and self-professed electronics, robotics and AI nut, I run my own software development company ('Nyanko') together with my good friend Trevor Purdy, where I work on various game development projects and also some non-game projects. Next to this I do various freelance jobs for companies around the globe. See my Linkedin profile for more work-related details as well as my portfolio and CV on this site.

Beyond writing software, I like to play with equations and write novels, such as my awesome re-imagining of the story of the Nintendo classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the survival-horror novel I recently started titled Viral Desire. See my Scribd profile for a full listing of my writings.

Another major topic of interest for me is that of biochemistry, robotics and the reverse-engineering of the human body. See my 'Artificial Human' blog for details there. If there's anything I don't lack it has to be sheer ambition, it seems.


Outside the projects I do for others and for my company I work on a few other projects, many of them open source, some of which are listed below. See the listing option in the menu on the left for a full listing.

MQTTCute - a light-weight and versatile desktop MQTT client. Supports password- and certificate-based connections and binary protocols.
Universal Data Share
Universal Data Share - The Universal way to share files with others, across firewalls and without any external services.
WildFox - a light-weight and versatile browser. Intended to be fully compatible with Firefox and Chrome plugins and extensions.
WildFox video add-on
WildFox Video Add-on - A practical FireFox add-on that rewrites HTML 5 Video tags to Embed tags so that any media player plug-in can play back the videos.
WildFox audio add-on
WildFox Audio Add-on - Rewrites HTML 5 Audio tags to HTML Embed tags, allowing one to use media player plug-ins for audio playback instead.

Published works

Mastering C++ Multithreading
Mastering C++ Multithreading - Book aimed at intermediate C++ developers who wish to learn more about multithreading, both on a single CPU and on (MPI) clusters and with GPGPU.

It is available for sale at Packt Publishing as well as at Amazon.
Mastering AndEngine Game Development
Mastering AndEngine Game Development - Book for (mobile) game developers on skeletal animation, OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES, GLSL shaders and OpenAL, all using the AndEngine engine.

It is available for sale at Packt Publishing as well as at Amazon.


I have written and am currently working on short stories and novels. See below for an overview. Follow the Scribd link in the Links menu on the left for the full overview.

Ocarina of Time
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Reinterpretation of the classic Nintendo game's story.
In Between and Neither
In Between and Neither - Semi-autobiographic story about an intersex girl and the difficulties she encounters in daily life. Note that it contains graphical descriptions of sexual violence.
Viral Desire
Viral Desire - New survival-horror novel I started. This one might actually be the first original survival-horror story in 50 years time. Contains graphical scenes. 16+ recommended.