Here you'll find a listing of all my appearances in the media. General images can be found in the Gallery section.

2016/02/13 - Karakter magazine article

I wrote my story for this local (Karlsruhe) magazine in English (PDF). The German article can be read here.

Click here for the Facebook page for the Karakter magazine.

Article title page

2015/03/12 - TVN documentary episode

Chile's TVN TV network broadcast this episode of a documentary called 'La Cultura del Sexo' (The culture of sexuality), featuring an interview with me on location in Berlin.

Click here for the episode's page on the TVN website.

2014/01/21 - Deutsche Welle article and radio broadcast

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle published this article on intersex worldwide, as well as a radio show, both featuring my story.

Click here for the article on the Deutsche Welle site.

Click here for the podcast.

2013/11/12 - Vice magazine article

USA magazine Vice published this article on the German decision to introduce the 'undetermined gender' option including an interview with me.

Click here for the article on the Vice site.

2013/11/01 - Pauw & Witteman

Dutch talk show Pauw & Witteman interviewed me on my story, both the personal and medical sides. Use the closed-captioning button to enable English subtitles.

See here for the original Dutch article and video: Maya Posch over interseksualiteit (1-11-2013).

2013/11/01 - Channel 4 News

UK's Channel 4 interviewed me for Channel 4 News for my opinion and thoughts on Germany's decision to introduce an 'indeterminate gender'.

See here for the original article and video: 'Doctors still do not acknowledge that I'm intersex'.

2012/06/20 - Viva magazine article

Dutch magazine Viva published this article summarizing my story, including the personal and legal sides.

Click the thumbnail for the original Dutch article. Click here for the English translation.

Article Viva

2012/05/11 - NRC Handelsblad newspaper article

Newspaper NRC Handelsblad published this article summarizing my story, the legal recognition as a hermaphrodite/woman, and me suing the VUmc hospital.

Click the thumbnail for the original Dutch article. The English translation.

Article NRC

2012/05/06 - BNN TV appearance

I appeared on BNN's TV show Spuiten en Slikken. See the video on that link as well.

2012/04/16 - RTL 4 TV appearance.

I appeared on TV show Koffietijd. The video of the entire show can be watched here in the original Dutch version only.

2012/04/02 - Algemeen Dagblad newspaper article.

Newspaper AD published this article summarizing my story, the legal recognition as a hermaphrodite/woman the week before, as well as my plans to sue the hospitals and my hopes for the future.

Click the thumbnail for the original Dutch article. The English translation follows.

Article AD

2012/04/02 - SBS6 Hart van Nederland news item.

On Monday, March 2nd 2012 Dutch TV channel SBS6 did a feature on my recent legal recognition in the Netherlands as a hermaphrodite and approval to have my official gender changed to 'female'. My personal injuries lawyer, Yme Drost, is also featured in this video.

I have added English subtitles. Use the 'cc' button if it isn't enabled yet.

The original video and article can be found here.

2012/03/14 - (b) article written by me.

Article link to "Maya's Story"
RTV Oost talk show 'En Dan Nog Even Dit'.

Original episode link: RTV Oost, Tuesday February 28th.
Use the 'CC' captions option on the embedded video to get English subtitles.

Interview for Naturfreundejugend Deutschlands, a left-wing political youth organization.

Link to original article
English translation
Article in the Belgian magazine 'Dag Allemaal':

Original Dutch version (PDF)
English translation (PDF): single file.

Dag Allemaal thumbnail
Appearance on KOMU 8's U_Show with Sarah Hill, broadcast in Missouri, USA and online:

Click here for the blog post with the videos and article link
Article in the German magazine 'Maxi':
Original German version, page 1, page 2
English translation (thanks, Blake!), single PDF file: click here to download.
Appearance on BNN TV show Je zal het maar zijn
Appearance in Dutch TV show. I edited the original video to include only the parts with me and added English subtitles:

Article in the Dutch magazine Yes, number 29:
Unfortunately I only got some low-resolution scans from the journalist and have received no copy of the magazine itself, so I can't show the article here. My apologies for this.
Article in the Dutch national newspaper 'De Telegraaf', specifically the magazine 'Vrouw':
Original Dutch version, page 1, page 2, page 3.
English translation, single PDF file: click here to download.
Second appearance on Omroep Flevoland in the documentary program 'Vrije Vogels', a program on interesting people.

Appearance on Business News Radio (BNR) on 2009/09/25 in the program 'BNR in Business'. I added some images to the audio for your pleasure with subtitles thrown in as well :)

Article in the Dutch Grazia weekly magazine:
Original Dutch version, page 1, page 2.
English translation, page 1, page 2.
Appearance on local TV and radio channel 'Omroep Flevoland'. Subtitled version:

Edited version of the Flevoland video at Yahoo News in Italy:
Full-page article in national Dutch newspaper 'Noord-Hollands Dagblad'. I'll scan it in once I can figure out how to do this on an A4 scanner :P