Advanced Chess Field Editor

Advanced Chess Field Editor

This application can be used to create the images which you often see in chess magazines and websites, displaying certain configurations during a game. It has the following features:

The editor is available as a statically compiled executable for Windows. No further libraries are needed to run it. If there's demand I can put up Linux and OS X binaries as well.

Download Windows executable

Old Version

This is the previous version of the editor, and you probably do not want to use it.


Select a piece in the right list, then place it anywhere on the board using the mouse. Use delete and the arrow keys to delete pieces and to navigate around the board.

The current version only runs on Windows, but the program is written in platform-neutral C++/Qt, so any platform which has a recent Qt version can have it compiled for it. If there's demand I can look at getting it compiled for another platform. Any feedback on the version(s) available here is welcome.

Download Windows installer
Download Windows binaries (ZIP file)