Layout and Design Style Sheets (LDSS)

Ever since I made my first CSS-based layout many years ago I have been itching to improve upon it. One of the things CSS lacks is a proper approach to layout. As listed on the Wikipedia description of CSS, some of its limitations include poor layout controls for flexible layouts, little control over vertical placement and major issues with multi-column layouts. LDSS aims to rectify this with a simple and powerful layout system plus all the usual styling properties found in CSS together with many new features. It is far ahead of even the yet to be introduced CSS 3 standard and the goal is to have it based purely on the needs and wishes of professional webdesigners, of which I am one.

Naturally, a standard is worthless if it isn't implemented yet in browsers. If LDSS becomes well-known enough it might reach this goal. For this to happen we need you, the community, to make LDSS into a complete standard and to spread the word.

Questions and remarks regarding LDSS can be made on IRC (, #nyanko), or via the contact form on this site for now

A PDF version of the draft 1.0 standard can be found here.

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