Curriculum Vitae

Maya Posch








Software & hardware development, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, story and dialogue writing, 3D visualization and modelling.


Saxion Hogescholen, Enschede, Netherlands.

  • Technische Informatica (Applied Information Sciences)  

  • 2005-2006.  



Nyanko, software- and game development Netherlands/Germany/Canada.
Co-founder, senior developer and project manager.

June 2006 – present

  • Developed 3D game engine based on OpenGL, OpenAL, PhysX with colleague. 

  • Created 3D models and textures/maps in Photoshop CS5+, 3DS Max, Genetica.  

  • Development of a 3D game using Unreal Engine 4 and primarily 3DS Max 2017 and Substance Painter. 

  • Android & iOS application development.  

  • Website development in PHP, SQL, HTML/CSS.  

Synyx, iOS/Android/C/C++ development
Senior Android, iOS & C/C++ developer

March 2013 – December 2017

  • Debugged and extended existing iOS mobile applications. 

  • Refactored and extended existing Android application. 

  • Creating a cross-compiling build system for Linux and QNX (embedded) targets. 

  • Developing embedded QNX and Linux-based C/C++ applications. 


VARA, CMS backend developer
Senior PHP/TypoCMS developer

August 2012December 2012

  • Developed new features in the backend to facilitate new frontend capabilities. 

  • Maintained the existing backend systems. 


Programming Languages:

C++ (98, 11+), C (89, 11), Ada, AngelScript, Objective-C (iOS), PHP, Java (Android, desktop/server), SQL, Perl, C#, Lua, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, QBasic, Visual Basic 5/6.


Qt, POCO, LibSDL, ffmpeg, SQLite, WxWidgets, Boost, OpenCL, OpenMP, Open MPI.

Graphics Design/Modelling/3D Visualisation:

Photoshop CS5+, 3DS Max 2011+, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine 4, Genetica..

Hardware development tools & languages:

KiCad, LTSpice, VHDL, Verilog.

Web Development

HTML4/5, XHTML 1.x, CSS2.x/3

Operating Systems:

Windows 9x – 10, *BSD, Linux, Mac OS X/MacOS, iOS, QNX.

Processor Architectures:

x86, x86_64, ARM (v7), MCUs (STM32 ARM, AVR, ESP8266), custom (NGS).


MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, MongoDB.

Spoken Languages:

English (fluent), Dutch (native), German (advanced), Japanese (advanced).

Published books

  • Hands-On Embedded Programming with C++17 

    • Published by: Packt Publishing. 

    • Year: 2019. 

    • Topics: C++, Embedded, AVR, ESP8266, ARM, FPGAs, VHDL. 


  • Mastering C++ Multithreading 

    • Published by: Packt Publishing 

    • Year: 2017 

    • Topics: C++, Multithreading, OpenCL, OpenMP, Open MPI. 


  • Mastering AndEngine Game Development 

    • Published by: Packt Publishing 

    • Year: 2015 

    • Topics: Java, C++, Android, OpenGL, GLSL 


Projects (Personal)

  • NymphCast: multimedia streaming solution. 

    • C++, NymphRPC, ffmpeg, libSDL. 

    • Targeting similar feature set as ChromeCast. 

    • Client-server protocol for multimedia streaming. 

    • Uses AngelScript to extend functionality. 

    • Designed and developed protocol and reference implementation. 

  • DebounceHAT: Input isolation for SBCs. 

    • HAT expansion board for Raspberry Pi. 

    • Adds multi-kV surge protection for 6 inputs. 

    • Fully debounces incoming signals. 

    • Developed with friend, targeting production run. 

  • Universal Data Share: Peer-to-peer data sharing application and custom protocol.  

    • C/C++. 

    • Allows file sharing without the need for a server.  

    • Uses automatic port-forwarding via UPnP library.  

    • Designed and developed the entire application and protocol. 


  • NymphRPC remote procedure call library 

    • C++, POCO, Ada. 

    • Hybrid client/server architecture with peer-to-peer characteristics. 

    • Compact binary protocol. 


  • File Level Revision (FLR) revision control system 

    • C++, NymphRPC. 

    • Provides file-level revision control. 

    • Strong focus on repository (‘Collection’) integrity. 

    • Only forking, no automated merging. 

    • User account-based checkouts of files for editing. 


  • WiFi AC controller 

    • ESP8266-based hardware design allowing for the controlling of coil fan units using a 0 – 10VDC control signal via PWM signals on 4 GPIO pins. 

    • PCB designed in KiCad to fit commercially available wall/ceiling-mounted enclosure. 

    • Uses mostly SMD components (0805, SOIC). 

    • Firmware written in C++ and using the Sming framework. 

    • Remaining GPIO broken out, and provisions for an infrared motion detector module. 

    • BME280 temperature sensor on the I2C-bus. 

    • MH-Z19 CO2 sensor connected to TX/RX pins. 

    • C++-based backend implementing an active feedback loop to keep the air at a preset target temperature. 


  • NGS custom CPU 

    • VHDL. 

    • Custom CPU architecture using streaming and heap-based processing concepts for general use. 

    • First prototype successfully simulated and executed basic program. 

    • Second prototype currently being implemented targets Altera FPGA (Cyclone V SoC) and Lattice ECP5. 

    • Low LE-count and asynchronous (‘unclocked’) design. 


  • LED'Nip: ARM-based LED lighting controller 

    • C-based firmware for STM32 Cortex-M4-based MCU. 

    • Custom PCB designed in KiCad. 

    • Driving two 25 Watt LED panels & RGB LEDs. 

    • Broke as many of the peripherals as possible for extensions. 

    • Offers Ethernet via PHY connected over RMII to the MCU's internal MAC, as well as CAN. 


  • WildFox Video Add-On for Firefox  

    • JavaScript/HTML. 

    • Rewrites HTML 5 Video tags to Embed tags to allow browser plug-ins to play back video files instead of the browser.  

    • Allows for more universal codec support by browsers.  

    • Designed and developed the project.  


  • WildFox Libav patch for Firefox for universal codec support 

    • C/C++. 

    • Adds the commonly used Libav video/audio codec library to Firefox, enabling it to play back almost any audio & video format within the browser.  

    • Applied as a source-level patch to current Firefox versions.  

    • Imagined and developed the project.  


Projects (Nyanko)



  • Lilium hardware simulator.  

    • C++. 

    • Supports VHDL and Verilog designs.  

    • Created the architecture and did the programming and testing.  


  • Android and iOS mobile projects for clients.  

    • Java/Android, Objective-C/C. 

    • Freelance work on sports-, adult-oriented and other applications.  

    • Implementing required functionality and designs.  


  • Nyanko Content Management System (NCMS).  

    • PHP, Qt/C++ and SQL-based CMS.  

    • Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses.  

    • Developed and designed the project. Supervised installations.  


Projects (Synyx)

  • KulturApp 

    • Java/Android, Objective-C (iOS). 

    • Cultural app for the city of Karlsruhe. 

    • Updated the iOS version for better iOS 5/6 support. 

    • Refactored the Android version and fixed bugs. 

    • Tracked down bug in third-party OSM library related to Android garbage collecting handling. 


  • BMW RemoteApp 

    • Objective-C/C (iOS). 

    • Remote car control app for BMW customers. 

    • Added features, improved app together with colleagues. 


  • Car infotainment system 

    • Primary developer on C/C++ component. 

    • Creating Makefile-based cross-build system for a wide variety of targets, including Linux (ARMv7 & x86), MacOS and Windows targets. 

    • Debugging and expanding existing testing infrastructure. 

    • Tracking down and fixing of bugs found by testers. 

    • Communicating with other developers on the project. 

    • Reimplemented the Apache Etch RPC protocol (server & client-side) in C++. 


  • ESP8266-based monitoring modules 

    • C++, Sming framework. 

    • Common firmware with MQTT-based control and reporting. 

    • TLS-based encryption of all data. 

    • Custom C++-based service listens for temperature, humidity, CO2, motion and coffee usage reports and writes these to an Influx database. 

    • Coffee-machine nodes connected using serial connection.